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Performance Ford Magazine's monthly features


Performance Ford Magazine will be doing monthly features of the XR Challenge and the racing exploits of NIck Richardson.


This is great news for the XR Challenge as it will hopefully help to promote the championship in the coming months.


A big thank you to Performance Ford Magazine and Nick Richardson for making this happen.


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BRSCC XR Challenge

The BRSCC XR Challenge is the original Ford one make saloon car race championship. When the next generation model superseded the Fiesta XR2, the series passed into a clubman format and the Escort XR3i was added as another class. The class structure was further expanded in 2014 with the addition of Class C for the Fiesta 1800 Si.


The BRSCC XR Challenge is run to a strict Group N specification and is policed firmly to ensure that competitors comply with the regulations. This has resulted in the XR Challenge being another of the successful one-make saloon car championships run under the BRSCC calendar.


The 2014 race season saw the continued alliance with the Yokohama control tyre, which will continue for the 2015 season. The majority of competitors traditionally hail from the north west of the country and this fact is reflected with a bias of choice of the more northern race circuits being used in the race calendar, but several new competitors are now travelling from further afield.


The BRSCC XR Challenge is considered to be one of the best and most cost effective ways for any budding or experienced driver to go out and enjoy hard but fair racing. The friendship within the paddock is very real and warm.

2016 Schedule






1, 2




3, 4




5, 6, 7




8, 9




10, 11, 12




13, 14



28th March




7th May




28th-29th May




6th August




24th-25th September




8th October


2015 Standings

XR2 Championship

Driver Car # Class Points
Mike Heath 18 A 150
Alistair May 52 A 130
Lee Shropshire 33 A 106
Steve Poole 66 A 103
Justin Roberts 70 A 100
Ralph Fernihough 8 A 98
Greg Speight 5 A 91
Craig Brookfield 36 A 77
Ben Atkinson 39 A 69
Steve Clapton 64 A 64
Mark Buxton 29 A 55
Peter Lancaster 3 A 48
Mark Robinson 69 A 39
Simon Roninson 68 A 24
Mark Upton 10 A 21
John Biddulph 19 A 0

XR3 Championship

Driver Car # Class Points
Mike Taylor 58 B 148
Ryan Bowron 57 B 128
Adam Burgess 22 B 124
Lee Bowron 62 B 89
Jimi Hughes 27 B 55
Ron Loftstadt 35 B 47
Chris Hamer 15 B 34
Anthony Ormston 85 B 31
Andrew Lennie 4 B 20
Paul Brettel 20 B 20
Simon Wallis 77 B 0

XR Challenge  2016